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Attili s.n.c. is a market leader in the footwear industry.

Born in 1958 as a family business, the firm has preserved the original artisan vocation all over the years.

During the 70's Attili started the actual production of:

- Leather bands for heels, soles, wedge heels and platÚs (injected or hand-covered) with all kinds of manufacturing: milling, pvc /TR mastix, shearing with punch cutters, dyeing, emery rubbing and waxing;

- Wooden bands for heels, soles, wedge heels and platÚs.

Attili s.n.c. offers a wide range of leather and wooden bands in order to meet all kinds of requests reguarding: colour, milling, cementing etc..

The decades-long productive experience, together with the technical innovation in the machineries and the quality of the raw materials do guarantee for the high standard of the products, always up to date with market novelty.

The regular ongoing cooperation with the customer allows to offer a high quality service thus meeting every specific requirement.

At present Attili s.n.c. markets its products all over Italy and aims at entering into trade relationships with foreign countries, both directly and through salesmen.

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